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Are you tired of hearing the same old lines like: \"Write an eBook, start an affiliate program, and get your affiliate slaves to sell for you\"? Well actually, in several instances, most affiliates are really slaves.

Most of them are lazy. Most of them having poor self-motivation. Most of them can\'t do things right. Most of them hardly earn anything, and you know what that means? You don\'t get your share of the money, too, if they don\'t perform well!

Don\'t get me wrong, though. There ARE super affiliates out there whom you wish would join your affiliate program. And there is absolutely nothing wrong starting an affiliate program to sell your eBook in the first place.

But seriously, I strongly feel you are cheating yourself of a better solution.

You have probably written an eBook which you are planning to sell in the Internet marketplace. You have carefully researched the market and learned that there is a huge demand for the information you present in your digital eBook.

Or you have already tried selling your eBook, but with little success. You may have tried selling on your own or wonder why your affiliates are not working as hard as you thought they should be. And right now, you are contemplating a better solution.

Hey, ever thought of leveraging your marketing efforts on resellers instead of affiliates?

Reseller vs. Affiliate

In case you are still new to Resell Rights, resellers are individuals who resell digital products with Resell Rights and keep all the profits. That is one feature that separates the reseller from an affiliate, since the reseller has access to the product together with its acquired rights while the affiliate acts mainly as a referrer without having the benefit of keeping the product unless he purchases it himself.

So, you are probably wondering: why resellers and not affiliates?

After all, there are product authors who are successful in sales simply by creating an affiliate program for all affiliates to join and market his product for a commission.

Consider the following:

Overall, resellers are usually more motivated than affiliates.

Why? That is because a reseller has to invest an amount of money in acquiring a product with Resell Rights. That is his money (and probably hard-earned at that) on the table and he is more motivated to cover investment quick and then profit from it.

On the contrary, there is no joining fee in becoming an affiliate. This is probably the reason why most affiliates are not as motivated as resellers as they have never invested any money at all in becoming one.

Resellers work independently.

A reseller sets up his or her own page or web site to start selling the product. If the reseller is at fault, his business would be affected and not yours. Besides, overall resellers are more serious about their business than most affiliate marketing novices.

If you recruit just any Tom, Dick, and Harry into your affiliate program, on the other hand, don\'t be surprised if you see an affiliate moron of yours spamming your favorite forum which you frequent and if affiliate spamming gets out of hand, it won\'t be long until you have your first - and last - online date with your domain name provider just before he shuts your online business down for good.

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