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Imagine being able to get a good night's sleep for the first time in ages. Or being able to tell your kids that, yes, you're all going to Disney Land this month! Or finally buying outright the car you've had your eye on for quite a while now.

Ah yes. The stuff dreams are made of.

How would you like to make those dreams a reality? In just 2 minutes?


Throw out those sleeping pills, get your driving shoes out and pack the sun tan lotion! I'm about to hand you the ultimate marketer's tool. Your profits will not only hit the roof, they'll break right through it! And your emailing list? Well, have you ever seen a mile long list?

First, though, let's take a look at marketing itself.

What makes not just good, but excellent marketing?


The Two Ps.

Personalisation and Persistence.

What exactly do I mean?


Imagine walking up a busy street. You can just about hear yourself think. You slowly become aware of someone shouting 'Hey you!', a little way behind you. The calling continues until finally, out of curiosity, you turn around to discover they actually meant you.

Now imagine walking up that same street. This time someone shouts your name.

What do you do?


Personalisation grabs attention. If someone calls your name, you immediately turn to find out why.

If you can attach this same reaction to your product, your family will be forever grateful.

It takes a single customer at least 7 visits to your web page before they decide to buy your product.

If they don't remember your page or your product, that's it, one less customer sale.

What you need is persistence. You need to gently and subtly remind them that your product is perfect for them. At least 7 times!

So, Personalisation and Persistence are the key elements of excellent marketing.

How would you like to implement these two key elements in just 2 minutes?

'Wait a minute, isn't this what I'm paying my copywriter a ridiculous amount of money for?'


And guess what?

It's actually a ridiculous amount of WASTED money!

Copywriters, whilst doing their job to the best of their abilities and earning very handsomely for it, do not address either of these key elements.

It is extremely hard to personalise a sales letter that involves a general audience. And copywriters have nothing to do with persisting with potential customers.

Jahn's Squeeze Page Form Generator solves the problem of miserable response rates, pitiful sales, loose change for profits and an emailing list of two or three!

This ingenious yet simple little program harnesses the power of The Two Ps with the end result of boosting your sales beyond recognition and collecting literally thousands of opt-in email addresses.

Jahn's Squeeze Page Form Generator creates PERSONALISED copy by collecting information about your customer and using it throughout the course of the sales letter. These personal snippets of information are used in such a way they are almost undetectable to the reader!

Once you have the customer's undivided attention, you are more likely to succeed in persuading them that they absolutely NEED your product.

The program also provides a means to PERSIST with the sale by collecting opt-in email addresses.

You can then put the figures of 7 visits before a sale behind you with personalised reminder emails!
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